Quotation from Moshe Sharett “The memorandum that we had submitted ...(for the) transfer of the Arabs … to Transjordan” — June 12 1937

Relating a dinner with the American Consul General in Jerusalem George Wadsworth.

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" We talked about the question of partition in connection with Transjordan. Wadsworth said that it was known to him that the [British] Government was very impressed by the proposal contained in the memorandum that we had submitted to the [Peel] "Royal Commission" concerning the transfer of the [Palestinian] Arabs from the Western Eretz Yisrael [i.e. Palestine] to Transjordan in order to evacuate the place for new Jewish settlers. They saw this proposal as a constructive plan indeed. "

Sharett, Yoman Medini , vol. 2, pp 187-88. Quoted by Nur Masalha, Expulsion of the Palestinians , Institute for Palestine Studies, 1992, p. 56.

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