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Current local news

  • Quotation from Antony Blinken “Executed, then their executioner sat down and had a meal.” — Oct. 31 2023 (
  • Quotation from Antony Blinken “Exécutés, puis leurs bourreaux se sont assis et ont pris un repas” — Oct. 31 2023 (
  • Quotation from Henry John Temple “It would be of manifest importance to the Sultan to encourage the Jews to return” — 1840 (
  • Quotation from Henry John Temple “Il serait manifestement important pour le Sultan d'encourager les Juifs à revenir” — 1840 (
  • Quotation from Henry Dunant “... agricultural colonies, with the help and labor of those of their Eastern co-religionists...” — Jan. 1 1970 (
  • Quotation from Henry Dunant “Des colonies agricoles, avec ... la main-d’œuvre de ceux de leurs coreligionnaires orientaux” — 1866 (
  • Quotation from Benyamin Netanyahu “They are the people of darkness” — Oct. 25 2023 (
  • Quotation from Benyamin Netanyahu “Eux sont le peuple des ténèbres” — Oct. 25 2023 (
  • Quotation from Avraham Burg “A state lacking justice cannot survive” — Aug. 29 2003 (
  • Quotation from Avraham Burg “Un Etat sans justice ne peut pas survivre” — Aug. 29 2003 (
  • Quotation from Hannah Arendt “The idiocy is right in front of everyone's eyes” — Oct. 22 1955 (
  • Quotation from Hannah Arendt “L'idiotie est sous les yeux de tout le monde ” — Oct. 22 1955 (
  • Quotation from Yitzhak Herzog “To save Western civilization (against) an empire of evil” — Dec. 5 2323 (
  • Quotation from Yitzhak Herzog “Sauver la civilisation occidentale … (contre) un empire du mal” — Dec. 5 2023 (
  • Quotation from Arthur Ruppin “Hitler’s speech in the Reichstag ...full of content, interesting, fascinating.” — Mar. 25 1933 (
  • Quotation from Arthur Ruppin “Le discours d'Hitler au Reichstag … plein de contenu, intéressant, fascinant.” — Mar. 25 1933 (
  • Quotation from Berl Katznelson “A remote neighbour is better than a close enemy” — Aug. 1937 (
  • Quotation from Berl Katznelson “Un voisin éloigné vaut mieux qu'un ennemi proche” — Aug. 1937 (
  • Quotation from Berl Katznelson “Was not Kibbutz Merhavia built on a transfer?” — Jul. 7 1944 (
  • Quotation from Berl Katznelson “Le kibboutz Merhavia n'a-t-il pas été construit sur un transfert ?” — Jul. 7 1944 (