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Current local news

  • Quotation from David Ben Gurion “Avec l’extension des combats, l’exode fut rejoint par les Bédouins et les fellahs” — 1954 (
  • Quotation from David Ben Gurion “As fighting spread, the exodus was joined by bedouin and fellahin” — 1954 (
  • Quotation from Yitzhak Rabin “5,600 are currently in prison. Are these trivial numbers” — 1988 (
  • Quotation from Arthur Balfour “A Body … long regarded as alien ..., which it was equally unable to expel or to absorb” — Sep. 20 1918 (
  • Quotation from Yariv Levin “A clear Israeli law our insistence that we are a Jewish state” — Mar. 14 2014 (
  • Quotation from David Ben Gurion “A comprehensive agreement is undoubtedly out of the question now” — June 9 1936 (
  • Quotation from Yigal Allon “A couple of … bombardments on Hebron and not a single 'Hebronite' would have remained” — Nov. 1967 (
  • Quotation from Israel Zangwill “A different place must be found either for the Jews or for their neighbours” — 1916 (
  • Quotation from Judah Magnes “A Jewish Home in Palestine built up on bayonets and oppression is not worth having” — Sep. 7 1929 (
  • Quotation from Ehud Olmert “A Jewish state on part of the Land of Israel ...a binational state on all of the Land” — Jan. 1 2006 (
  • Quotation from Michal Katorza “A large portion of JNF Parks are … where palestinian villages used to stand” — 2008 (
  • Quotation from Ronald Storrs “A little loyal Jewish Ulster in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism” — 1943 (
  • Quotation from Ariel Atias “A national duty to prevent the spread of a population that … does not love Israel” — Jul. 2 2009 (
  • Quotation from Vladimir Jabotinsky “A preservation of national integrity is impossible except by a preservation of racial purity” — June 1904 (
  • Quotation from Avi Primor “A process ... establishing a ‘Palestinian state’ limited to the Palestinian cities” — Sep. 18 2002 (
  • Quotation from Amos Oz “A state cannot be Jewish, just as a chair or a bus cannot be Jewish” — Oct. 1997 (
  • Quotation from Theodor Herzl “A wall of defense for Europe in Asia, an outpost of civilization against barbarism” — Feb. 14 1896 (
  • Quotation from Hans Friedrich Karl Günther “A worthy and evident solution of the Jewish question lies in that separation” — 1927 (
  • Quotation from Danny Danon “About the two-state solution... Today we’re not fighting it” — June 6 2013 (
  • Quotation from Yigal Allon “Achieve total victory, the territorial fulfillment of the Land Of Israel” — 1966 (