Quotation from Israel Koenig “Diluting existing Arab population concentrations” — Sep. 7 1976

From the Ministry of the Interior, in a report for Yitzhak Rabin on Galilee in which he advocates the internal colonization of Galilee.

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Expand and deepen Jewish settlement in areas where the contiguity of the Arab population is prominent, and where they number considerably more than the Jewish population; examine the possibility of diluting existing Arab population concentrations. Special attention must be paid to border areas in the country’s northwest and to the Nazareth region. The approach and exigency of performance have to deviate from the routine that has been adopted so far. Concurrently, the state law has to be enforced so as to limit "breaking of new ground" by Arab settlements in various areas of the country.


The Koenig Report (1976) on Handling the Arabs of Israël, Israël Koenig, Ministry of Interior; Section 1: The Demographic Problem; published in Swasia vol III No. 41, 15 October 1976, pp. 1-8
(Koenig report in israeli newspaper Al Hamishmar of Sept. 7 1976).

Quoted in The Edward Said Reader, p. 163. Lien 

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