Quotation from Menahem Ussishkin “To take a part of the Arabs and transfer and settle them … is as moral as can be” — June 12 1938

Head of the Executive Committee of the World Zionist Organization, at a meeting of the Jewish Agency's executive committee, advocates that the British should proceed with the expulsion of 60,000 Palestinian families.

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" But If you ask me whether it is moral to take 60,000 families from the places in which they presently reside and transfer them to a different location, while giving them of course all the means for [re]settlement - then I will tell you that it is moral, for if it is possible to rob the Jewish People of nine-tenths of its historic homeland (including Transjordan), to deny them any foothold there and to forbid them to go and settle and purchase [land] there -and this after all the hopes instilled in us and all the commitments undertaken by the Balfour Declaration and the League of Nations' Mandate etc. etc. If all this is moral, then to give us one small stretch [of land] and to take a part of the Arabs and transfer and settle them in a better-off manner [than that in which they are today] is as moral as can be. I am prepared to stand before the Lord and the League of Nations and defend the morality of the matter. But it is not the question of morality that is at issue here but rather that of practicality; and I say here that we Jews cannot undertake this ... Only the British government could carry out the forcible removal and for this two things are required: a strong hand by England and Jewish money. As far as the money is concerned, I am certain that if England will use a strong hand the Jewish money will be found. We will approach world Jewry at large and say that we must remove from here 60,000 Arab families in order to release land for the Jews and for this millions are needed in the form of loans or contributions … I am talking about transfer to Tranjordan and not to the Arab state west of [River] Jordan. "

Protocol of the joint meeting of the JAE and the Political Committee of the Zionist Actions Committee, 12 June 1938, p. 25/6009, quoted by Efraïm Karsh Fabricating Israel History (Ed. 2), p.41



Protocol of the Jewish Agency Executive Meeting of 12 June 1938, vol. 28, n°53, CZA, quoted by Nur Masalah, Expulsion of the Palestinians, Institute for Palestine Studies, 1992, p.112

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