Quotation from David Ben Gurion “We and they want the same thing. We both want Palestine” — May 19 1936

Shortly after the beginning of the great Palestinian revolt, during a meeting of the Mapaï party, clearly expressing the stakes of colonization a homeland "for them" or "for us".

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" The Arabs fear of our power is intensifying, [Palestinians] see exactly the opposite of what we see. It doesn't matter whether or not their view is correct […] They see [Jewish] immigration on a giant scale […] they see the Jews fortify themselves economically .. They see the best lands passing into our hands. They see England identify with Zionism. […] The fear is not of losing land, but of losing the homeland of the Arab people, which others want to turn it into the homeland of the Jewish people. There is a fundamental conflict. We and they want the same thing: We both want Palestine. […] By our very presence and progress here, [we] have nurtured the [Arab] movement. "

Shabtai Teveth Ben Gurion and the Palestinian Arabs, from peace to war , 1985, p.105. Quoted by Benny Morris Victimes, Histoire revisitée du conflit arabo-sioniste, Complexes, 2003, p. 155.

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