Quotation from Israel Zangwill “And therefore we must generally persuade them to 'trek'” — 1920

Having returned from the failure of his territorialist option, he found himself in the general racist current.

Author : Thematics :
" We cannot allow the Arabs to block so valuable a piece of historic reconstruction ..... And therefore we must generally persuade them to 'trek.' After all, they have all Arabia with its million square miles .... There is no particular reason for the Arabs to cling to these few kilometers. 'To fold their tents’ and ‘silently steal away' is their proverbial habit: let them exemplify it now. "

Israel Zangwill The Voice of Jerusalem , 1920. Quoted by Nur Masalha, Expulsion of the Palestinians, Institute for Palestine Studies, 1992, p. 14, and Benny Morris: Righteous Victims… Vintage, 2001, p. 140.

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