Quotation from Vladimir Jabotinsky “The ideal type of an 'absolute nation’. It should possess an original racial spectrum” — 1911

In an article "Beyond the Waiting Line", originally in Russian, describes his fascist-like vision of the nation.

Author : Thematics :
" Let us draw for ourself , drastically different from the racial nature of its neighbors. It should occupy continuous and clearly bounded territory from time immemorial; it is best if on this territory there are no alien minorities that would thin out its national unity. It should have an original language, a native language that is not borrowed from anyone – at least, the fact and moment of borrowing would be impossible to trace… It should possess a national religion – not a borrowed one, but a native, home-made one, like the religion of the Hindus or, at least, of Jews. Finally, it is supposed to have a single historical tradition, common to all its parts, that is a complete commonality of historical emotional experiences from the most immemorial antiquity. "

Marina Mogilner, Sacrificial postcoloniality: Russian contexts of the anti-imperial nationalism of Vladimir Jabotinsky.

Additional sources: Goldberg, To The promised land , Penguin, 2009, pp. 180-81, and Virginia Tilley, The One state Solution, Univ. Michigan Press, 2005, p. 175. Indicate 1913, even 1933.

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