Quotation from Max Nordau “This race cannot and must not merge with the others” — Dec. 21 1903

Max Nordau, a fervent supporter of "social Darwinism" who had become a co-founder of political Zionism with Theodor Herzl, explained to the French anti-Semitic leader Edouard Drumont his fundamental agreement with Drumont on the "racial" separation between Jews and non-Jews.

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My goal, as you know, is the Return to Jerusalem, the reconstitution of Jewish nationality in an independent land. I, too, am a nationalist, but a Jewish nationalist. When a race has such marked, diagnosable characteristics as mine, this race cannot and must not merge with the others. It must become a nation again. This is not a question of religion, but a question of race exclusively, and there is no man with whom I agree more on this point than M. Drumont himself. M. Drumont, a French nationalist, says: « France to the French! » My own nationalism cries out, "-Palestine to the Jews!" We are neither Germans, nor French, nor English, nor anything else; we are Jews! My dream, until these last months, was the recapture of Jerusalem, the reconstruction of the temple, do you understand? But no, you can't understand with your Christian mentality, which is not ours.


Edouard Drumont, Max Nordau, Juifs contre Juifs (Max Nordau, Jews against Jews), La libre parole, December 21, 1903.

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