Quotation from Yosef Weitz “This may destroy the very foundation of our state” — Sep. 29 1967

Obsessive promoter of the expulsion of Palestinians since the 1930s, fearing that everything would have to be redone after the conquest of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967.

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From that point of view, the ‘transfer’ solution was discussed at the time, and it was supported by B. Katznelson, J. Vulkani and M. Ussishkin, and some preliminary preparations were made to translate this theory into practice. Years later, when the UN passed the resolution to partition Palestine into two states, the War of Independence broke out to our great fortune. In this war, a twofold miracle occurred: territorial victory and the flight of the Arabs. In the Six Day War, there was one miracle: a tremendous territorial victory. But the general population of the liberated territories remained ‘stuck’ in their places, and this may destroy the very foundation of our state.The demographic problem is the most acute, especially when to its numerical weight is added the weight of the refugees.


Yosef Weitz, Une solution au problème des réfugiés : un Etat israélien avec une petite minorité arabe. Davar, 29 septembre 29 1967.

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