Quotation from Yitzhak Rabin “Expel… 25, not to mention 400 people” — Feb. 8 1993

44 years after ordering the mass expulsion of Palestinians from Lydda, Yitzhak Rabin boasted to a BBC reporter that he had illegally thrown 415 Palestinians, alleged members of the Hamas party, out of their country.

Author : Thematics :

We knew we were making an unprecedented move. Which government in the past 20 years was prepared to expel or remove temporarily 25, not to mention 400 people ? I felt at the time a need to level an immediate, though blow against Hamas that went beyond everyrhing done previously. I achieved that aim, whether it involved 300 or 400.


Naseer Aruri, Middle East International 445, p.17, cited by Nur Masalha, A Land Without a People, Faber and Faber (1997), p. 126.

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