Quotation from Amos Oz “It will … be easier … to break the backbone of a tiny, demilitarized Palestinian entity” — Oct. 3 1993

Expressing its agreement for a "very small demilitarized entity" that will be easy to break if the Palestinians are not satisfied with it.

Author : Thematics :
" The two peoples are finally about to come to terms with the simple fact that they are two peoples and that, for both of them, the country is their homeland . . . What if they cheat? And what if they take whatever we give them and demand more, still exercising violence and terror? . . . If worse comes to worse, if it turns out that the peace is no peace, it will always be militarily easier for Israel to break the backbone of a tiny, demilitarized Palestinian entity than to go on and on breaking the backbones of eight-year-old stone-throwing Palestinian kids. . . From a Zionist perspective, it may be that in the future, people will regard 1993 as the end of our l00 years of solitude in the land of Israel. This may be the end of the prologue for Zionism and now, perhaps, it's time to begin the Israel story proper: to consolidate Israel as a safe, stable, legitimate home for the Jewish people and its Arab citizens, a focus of creative energies and a source of blessing for Israel's neighbors—including the Palestinians. "

Jerusalem Post, 3/10/1993


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