Quotation from Yosef Weitz “Their inhabitants are afraid and flee like mice” — Apr. 21 1948

At the same time as he participates in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, the KKL/JNF leader cherishes the idea that the expellees will identify with the expellers.

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Our army is steadily conquering Arab villages and their inhabitants are afraid and flee like mice. You have no idea what happened in the Arab villages. It is enough that during the night several shells whistle overhead and they flee for their lives. Villages are steadily emptying, and if we continue on this course – and we shall certainly do so as our strength increases – then tens of villages will empty of their inhabitants. This time these self-confident ones, too, will feel what it is like to be refugees. Maybe they will understand us.


Weitz to Rema [?], 21 Apr. 1948, Weitz, Diary, III, 271. Cited in Benny Morris, The Birth of the Palestinian Problem Revisited, Cambridge Univ. Press, 2005, p.

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