Quotation from David Ben Gurion “It is worthwhile throwing away ... a million dollars” — Feb. 27 1954

Reacting with insults and a lesson in Zionist chutzpah to Moshe Sharett, Prime Minister for the past month, by pushing for the creation of a Maronite state in Lebanon, allied with Israel.

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Ben Gurion reacted furiously. He began to enumerate the historical justification for a restricted Christian Lebanon. If such a development were to take place, the Christian Powers would not dare oppose it. I claimed that there was no factor ready to create such a situation, and that if we were to push and encourage it on our own we would get ourselves into an adventure that will place shame on us. Here came a wave of insults regarding my lack of daring and my narrow-mindedness. We ought to send envoys and spend money. I said there was no money. The answer was that there is no such thing. The money must be found, if not in the Treasury then at the Jewish Agency! For such a project it is worthwhile throwing away one hundred thousand, half a million, a million dollars. When this happens a decisive change will take place in the Middle East, a new era will start.


As noted by Moshe Sharett. Livia Rokach, Israel Sacred Terrorism, Assn of Arab-Amer Univ Graduates, 1985, page 2.

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