Quotation from George Curzon “A Jewish nation, a subordinate population of Arabs” — Jan. 26 1919

Foreign Secretary, in no way fooled by Zionist intentions, in an exchange of letters with Lord Balfour, whom he succeeded.


… As for Weizmann and Palestine, I entertain no doubt that he is out for a Jewish Government, if not at the moment then in the near future …What all this can mean except Government I do not see. Indeed a Commonwealth as defined in my dictionary is a ‘body politic’ a ‘State’ an ‘independent community’ a ‘republic’.
I feel tolerably sure therefore that while Weizmann may say one thing to you, or while you may mean one thing by a national home, he is out for something quite different. He contemplates a Jewish State, a Jewish nation, a subordinate population of Arabs, etc. ruled by Jews; the Jews in possession of the fat of the land, and directing the Administration.
He is trying to effect this behind the screen and under the shelter of British trusteeship.

I do not envy those who wield the latter, when they realize the pressure to which they are certain to be exposed. …


British Government, Public Record. Foreign Office No. 800/215 (1919).
Full quote in Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem: 1917-1947 (Part I)


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