Quotation from Moshe Dayan “To be willing and armed, strong and unyielding” — Apr. 29 1956

Moshe Dayan, then Chief of Staff, speaks at the funeral of the soldier King Rotberg. Without denying the injustice perceived by the Palestinians, he updates Jabotinsky's speech on the "Iron Wall" to be maintained indefinitely to preserve Zionist domination.

Author : Thematics :

(…) Let us not hurl blame at the murderers. Why should we complain of their hatred for us? Eight years have they sat in the refugee camps of Gaza, and seen, with their own eyes, how we have made a homeland of the soil and the villages where they and their forebears once dwelt. (…) A generation of settlement are we, and without the steel helmet and the maw of the cannon we shall not plant a tree, nor build a house (…) We mustn’t flinch from the hatred that accompanies and fills the lives of hundreds of thousands of Arabs, who live around us and are waiting for the moment when their hands may claim our blood. We mustn’t avert our eyes, lest our hands be weakened. That is the decree of our generation. That is the choice of our lives — to be willing and armed, strong and unyielding, lest the sword be knocked from our fists, and our lives severed (...)


When Moshe Dayan delivered the defining speech of Zionism (full translation)


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