Quotation from Binyamin Elon “Make their life so bitter that they will transfer themselves willingly” — Dec. 2001

Minister (Moledet Party) in the Sharon Government.

Author : Thematics :

There is voluntary transfer, transfer by agreement and transfer during war. Voluntary transfer means helping Arabs to want to get on the buses – “Coercing them until they say we want to,” as it were. We can play with this “we want to” on the political and moral levels. For example, I can close the universities to you, I can make life hard for you, until you want to leave.


Binyamin Elon, interview in Nekudah. Quoted by the Arab Association for Human Rights, Racism, One Gunman, Many to Blame (2005), p. 29.

Quoted by Shulamit Aloni in Murder of a population under cover of righteousness . Haaretz, March 6, 2003.

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