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PALCIT is a database of quotes on the Zionist colonization of Palestine. Quotations do not replace History, but there is no History without quotations. Those in PALCIT come either from recognized historians or from media that have shed light on the news. Their authors are most often people who have played a direct and important role of political power. This choice is intended to give a raw material to understand the ideology that has guided the decisions taken since the birth of Zionism to lead to today's Israel.

The authenticity of the quotations and their sources have been carefully verified.

Authentic quotations are accessible:

  • by searching for exact phrases.
  • by date or period. This is the date of the quotations and not the period evoked by them.
  • by author.
  • by theme.

The quotations may be downloaded at the bottom of the QUOTATION page.

This site is a tribute to all past and present source persons and sites that have provided well-controlled data, especially Palestine Remembered.

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Quotation from Charles De Gaulle “And these are met with a resistance which it in turn calls terrorism” — Nov. 27 1967

At a famous press conference.
Author : Thematics :
" As we know, the voice of France was ignored and Israel did attack and in six days achieved all of its objectives. Now it (Israel) is organizing on the territories it has taken an occupation which necessarily involves oppression, repression and expulsions, and these are met with a resistance which it in turn calls terrorism. "

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