Quotation from Menachem Begin “Preceding the Arab invasion … we continued to make sallies into Arab territory” — 1972

Admitting that in 1948, Zionists, especially the Irgun terrorists under his leadership, were already attacking the territory planned for the "Arab State" before the proclamation of Israel.

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" In the months preceding the Arab invasion, and while the five Arab states were conducting preparations, we continued to make sallies into Arab territory. The conquest of Jaffa stands out as an event of first-rate importance in the struggle for Hebrew independence early in May, on the eve [that is, before the alleged Arab invasion] of the invasion by the five Arab states. "

Menachem Begin The Revolt , 1972, p.348.
Quoted by Clifford A. Wright, Facts and Fables , Routledge, 1988 (online).

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