Quotation from Moshe Dayan “Let ... say that we don't have a solution and you will continue living like dogs” — Sep. 1967

Israeli Defense Minister, at a meeting of the Rafi (extremist wing of the Labor coalition), in response to Shimon Peres, about refugees in the occupied territories.

Author : Thematics :
" "Let us approach them [the Palestinian refugees in the occupied territories] and say that we don't have a solution, and you will continue living like dogs, and whoever wants will go, and will see how this procedure will work out. For now, it works out. Let's say the truth. We want peace. If there is no peace, we will maintain military rule and we will have four to five military compounds on the mountains, and they will sit ten years under the Israeli military regime.(….) In five years we may have 200,000 less people - and that is a matter of enormous importance." "

Noam Chomsky, Middle East Diplomacy: Continuities and Changes . Z magazine, 12/1991.

Also quoted in: Noam Chomsky Deterring Democracy , Hill & Wang, 1992, p. 434.

The Newsweek, Oct. 17 1967 source seems fanciful, Yossi Belin’s source (Lien ) looks more serious.

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