Quotation from David Ben Gurion “Strengthening the Hagana, accelerating the [Zionist] enterprise and imposing Hebrew Labor” — 1929

During a meeting of the Histadrout.

Author : Thematics :
" I must rise up with all my strength against [joint organisation] and [the claim] that there is no place for the demand of Hebrew Labor at one hundred percent in the colony. I believe that we must fight especially for one hundred percent [...] I’m not afraid to say that we must seize the moment for several things: strengthening the Hagana, accelerating the [Zionist] enterprise, and also for imposing Hebrew Labor. "

Glazer, Stephen A., Picketing for Hebrew Labour: A Window on Histadrut Tactics and Strategy . Journal of Palestine Studies 120, No. 4 (Eté 2001), pp. 39-54.

Quoted by Lucas Catherine, Israël, la dernière colonie ? EPO, 2003, p.51.

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