Quotation from Esther Frumkin “The Communist International must oppose this movement most vehemently” — Jul. 1920

Leader of the Jewish section of the Soviet Communist Party, speaking at the 2nd Congress of the 3rd International.

Author : Thematics :
" We are concerned with the Zionists in Palestine, who, under the pretext of founding an independent Jewish state, oppress the working population and force the Arabs living in Palestine under the yoke of the English, whereas the Jews are only a minority there. This matchless lie must be stamped out and indeed most vigorously, as the Zionists are working in every country, approaching all the backward Jewish working masses and trying to create groups of workers with Zionist tendencies (Poalei Zion), who have recently been endeavouring to adopt a communist phraseology. [...] The Communist International must oppose this movement most vehemently. "

Quoted by Machover et Offenberg, Zionism and its scarecrows , Khamsin 6. Lien 

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