Quotation from Collectif “In short, they will not accept us, even as their slaves” — 1890

From a Bedouin tribe on the lands of what became Rehovot, in a petition addressed to the Istanbul government.

Author : Thematics :
" Lately, the supreme government has sold the place to certain people of the land. We did not protest since the new owners of the land clearly knew that the place was cultivated and handled by us for many centuries… but, still in this condition, the land was suddenly sold to a group of foreign Jews [Asralin] who arrived with funds… They began to expel us from the land we lived on… the farm, which was ours since the times of our fathers and grandfathers, was forcefully taken from us by the strangers who do not wish to treat us according to the accepted norms among tillers of the soil, and according to basic human norms or compassion.
In short, they will not accept us, even as their slaves. "

New documents reveal early Palestinian attitudes toward Zionist settlements”

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