Quotation from Berl Katznelson “A remote neighbour is better than a close enemy” — Aug. 1937

Leader in mainstream Zionism, in a congress of Mapam and supporters held in Zurich from 29 July to 7 August 1937.

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The matter of population transfer has provoked a debate among us: Is it permitted or forbidden? My conscience is absolutely clear in this respect. A remote neighbour is better than a close enemy. They will not lose from being transferred and we most certainly will not lose from it. In the final analysis, this is a political and settlement reform for the benefit of both parties, l have long been of the opinion that this is the best of all solutions, and in the days of the disorders [the 1936-39 Arab revolt] I was strengthened in my convictions that this must happen one day. But it never crossed my mind that the transfer "to outside the Land of Israel" would mean merely to the vicinity of Nablus. I have always believed and still believe that they were destined to be transferred to Syria or Iraq.


As quoted by Israel Shahak, A History of the Concept of "Transfer" in Zionism,  J. of Palestine Studies , 18 (3), 1989.

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