Quotation from Auteur inconnu “Jewish in the first place and then democratic” — Dec. 17 2003

In a speech to the Herliya Convention, Netanyahu reminds the conditions for a Zionist democracy : a small and obedient palestinian minority, limited to the 1949 borders.

Thematics :

We have a demographic problem, but it is focused not on the Arabs of Palestine but on the Arabs of Israel. We do not intend to control Palestinians. The declaration of Independence depicts Israel as Jewish and democratic, Jewish in the first place and then democratic. In order to stop democracy from wiping out the Jewish nature of the country we must insure the Jewish majority. The relation between the Jewish majority and the Arab minority has two faces. The first is that of the ability to integrate this minority into the state, the economy and the society. The second is that of numbers. If the Arab residents become well-integrated and their numbers reach 35% to 40% of the total population, the Jewish state will be canceled out and become a binational state. If their number remains around 20% as it is today, or even declines, but relations stay harsh and contentious, then, too, the democratic fabric of our argument will be impaired. Thus we have to adopt a policy to balance between both, but first we have to insure a Jewish majority in the state of Israel.


Quoted by al-Monitor. Netanyahu’s Democracy Excludes Israel’s Arab Citizens


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