[wrong] Words attributed to Zeev Jabotinsky “Eliminate the Diaspora or the Diaspora will surely eliminate you” — 1940

Apocryphal or wrong quotation or doubtful.

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Eliminate the Diaspora or the Diaspora will surely eliminate you


Leader of the Zionist movement called "revisionist" and spiritual father of the Likud. He is said to have predicted the world war and the genocide of the Jews of Europe. This slogan appears on one of the reception walls of the Jabotinsky Institute in Tel Aviv. Extensive research shows that he expressed the first part of this phrase, but never the second, added to serve the glory of the inspirer of right-wing Zionism.
Moreover, Jabotinsky was very short-sighted about the world war. A week before it broke out, in August 1939, he wrote: "All this panic about nothing" and added "There is not the slightest risk of war, and I do not say this out of stubbornness but because it is obvious."
Source : Ofer Aderet, Decades After Its Fabrication, a Fake Jabotinsky Quote Is Everywhere ;  Haaretz, 18 avril  2023.


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