Quotation from Tawfiq Hammad “The Zionist policy is to dispose of the Arabs” — Nov. 29 1929

Former Mayor of Nablus (1902-1906), in his testimony to the british Shaw-Simpson Commission of 1930.

Author : Thematics :

In the early days the Jew who came worked on his land and employed Arab labour. Since immigration commenced in large numbers these Jewish employers have turned away the Arab labourers and have employed Jews in their place thereby throwing out of work a large number of Arabs. Great harm has been caused to the country by the sale to Jews of large estates—for instance the Sursock family in Beirut who owned large areas of land in Palestine and the Wadi el Hawareth—and this throws out of employment a large number of Arabs. I understand what Arabs understand, that the Zionist policy is to dispose of the Arabs in every possible way and to replace them with Jews.


Report of the Commission on the Palestine Disturbances of August 1929 (Shaw Commission), p. 113.

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