Quotation from Moshe Sharett “ I can imagine the storm that will break out tomorrow” — Oct. 15 1953

In the aftermath of the Qibya massacre - 69 dead - caused by Ariel Sharon's Unit 101, Moshe Sharett, then Minister of Foreign Affairs, reserved his helplessness and scruples for his diary.

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"This reprisal is unprecedented in its dimensions and in the offensive power used. I walked up and down in my room, helpless and utterly depressed by my feeling of impotence... I was simply horrified by the description in Radio Ramallah's broadcast of the destruction of the Arab Village. Tens of houses have been razed to the soil and tens of people killed. I can imagine the storm that will break out tomorrow in the Arab and Western Capitals." (15 October 1953).

"I must underline that when I opposed the action I didn't even remotely suspect such a bloodbath. I thought that I was opposing one of those actions which have become a routine in the past. Had I even remotely suspected that such a massacre was to be held, I would have raised real hell." (16 October 1953)


Livia Rokach, Israel Sacred Terrorism, Assn of Arab-Amer Univ Graduates, 1985.

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