Quotation from David Ben Gurion “There are no Arabs. One hundred percent Jews.” — Feb. 7 1948

President of the Jewish Agency and mastermind of the Nakba, speculating from February 1948 on a large-scale ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian territory.

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When you enter the city through Lifta and Romema, through Mahaneh Yehuda, King George Street and Mea Shearim -there are no Arabs. One hundred percent Jews. Ever since Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans - the city was not as Jewish as it is now. In many Arab neighbourhoods in the West you do not see even one
Arab. I do not suppose it will change. And what happened in Jerusalem and in Haifa - can happen in large parts of the country. If we persist it is quite possible that in the next six or eight months
there will be considerable changes in the country, very considerable,
and to our advantage. There will certainly be considerable changes in

_the demographic composition of the country.


Gershon Rivlin and Elhanan Oren, The War of Independence, pp. 210-211. Cited by Ilan Pappe, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, OneWorld, 2006, p. 68.

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