Quotation from Gilad Erdan “Was it so boring … that this video needs to receive such exposure” — Apr. 10 2018

Minister of the "Ministry of Strategic Affairs", in charge of slander and repression against the BDS movement, about a video showing Israeli snipers rejoicing over the killings and mutilations they commit at the border of the Gaza Strip.

Author : Thematics :
" We have reached a level of insanity and delusion. Was it so boring in this country over the last day that this video needs to receive such exposure? To take a situation from the battlefield, when soldiers are under stress and explosive devices are being thrown at them and attempts are being made to infiltrate [the border], and to take their human response and judge them from the armchairs in Tel Aviv? … No country in the world does such a thing. It would have been better if the [soldiers'] happy reactions were not circulated, but to judge them and conclude something there was wrong, is crazy. "

Israeli Ministers Defend Soldiers Filmed Cheering in Sniper Video
Haaretz, 10 avril 2018


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