Quotation from UN / ONU “To gain control of the area allotted to the Jewish State and … blocs … outside those borders” — 1990

Indicates that the Dalet Plan (1948) was already aimed at 'controlling' the Palestinian territories beyond the space allocated for a 'Jewish state' in 1947.

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" In March 1948, Haganah High Command prepared a comprehensive operational Plan 'D', replacing plans 'A', 'B' and 'C' which had governed Haganah strategy in previous years. Zero hour for Plan D was to arrive when British evacuation had reached a point where the Haganah would be reasonably safe from British intervention and when mobilization had progressed to a point where the implementation of a large-scale plan would be feasible. The mission of Haganah was as simple as it was revolutionary: 'To gain control of the area allotted to the Jewish State and defend its borders, and those of the blocs of Jewish settlements and such Jewish population as were outside those borders, against a regular or pararegular enemy operating from bases outside or inside the area of the Jewish State. "

Nathaniel Lorch, The Edge of the Sword: Israel's War of Independence , 1947-1949 (New York, Putnam, 1961), p. 87.
Quoted in Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem,  1917-1988 , UN, New-York, 1990, pp. 144-145.

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