Quotation from Teddy Kollek “They were and remain second - and third-class citizen” — Oct. 10 1990

Mayor of Jerusalem (including East Jerusalem) from 1965 to 1993, interviewed by the daily newspaper Maariv after the assassinations of the esplanade of the mosques.

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" We said things without meaning them, and we didn't carry them out. We said over and over that we would equalize the rights of the Arabs to the rights of the Jews in the city - empty talk. [...] Never have we given them a feeling of being equal before the law. They were and remain second - and third-class citizen […] [As mayor of Jerusalem, I] nurtured nothing and built nothing [for the Arabs]. For Jewish Jerusalem I did something in the past 25 years. For [Arab] East Jerusalem? Nothing! What did I do? Nothing! Sidewalks? Nothing. Cultural Institutions? Not one. Yes, we installed a sewage system for them and improved the water supply. Do you know why? Do you think it was for their good, for their welfare? Forget it! There were some cases of cholera there, and the Jews were afraid that they would catch it, so we installed [a] sewage and a water system against cholera "

Summary of the quotation by B’Tselem: Lien 

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