Quotation from Benzion Netanyahu “Terrorism is the first general attack on a free society” — 1986

Father of Benyamin Netanyahu, former personal secretary of the extreme right-wing leader Vladimir Jabotinsky, claiming that "terrorism" is only there to strengthen the USSR.

Author : Thematics :
" Terrorism is the first general attack on a free society that the enemies of freedom plan to carry out. When they achieve their goal, the fall of this country into the hands of its terrorist assailants, such a country becomes a satellite of Soviet Russia and a new base for its political expansion. "

Benzion Netanyahu, Terrorists and Freedom Fighters , In : Terrorism : How the West Can Win , Washington, 1986, p.29. Quoted by Jean-Pierre Filiu Main basse sur Israël , La Découverte, 2018, p.40.

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