Quotation from David Ben Gurion “The exiles that are … ingathered in Israel do not yet constitute a people” — 1971

No "Jewish people"? This is what Ben Gurion thinks about the "mixed multitude" that arrived in Palestine.

Author : Thematics :
" The exiles that are being uprooted and ingathered in Israel do not yet constitute a people, but a mixed multitude and human dust without a language, without education, without roots, and without being able to draw upon a tradition and a vision of a nation...The transformation of this human dust into a cultured, independent nation bearing a vision is no easy task, and the difficulties involved are no less than those of economic absorption.
Other version :
The dying exiles being rounded-up in Israel are not yet tantamount to a nation, but to sub-human riffraff, with no langage, no education, no roots. Transforming humanoïd raw-material into a cultural nation is no esay task. » "

David Ben-Gurion, Yihud ve-yiud: Devarim al bithon yisrael, Maʻarakhot, Tel Aviv, 1971.
Oz Almog, The Sabra - A Profile , Am Oved, 1997, p. 143.

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