Quotation from Lucien Rebatet “The cause of Israel is there that of all Westerners” — June 8 1967

Anti-Semitic collaborator under the german occupation of France, author in 1942 of a violently anti-Semitic book, The Rubble
, condemned to death after the french Liberation and then pardoned. Not having abandoned his anti-Semitism, but ...

Author : Thematic :
" 1967: "The cause of Israel is there that of all Westerners. It would have surprised me if I had been prophesied in 1939 that I would one day wish for the victory of a Zionist army. But that's the solution I find reasonable today. "
And 1969: .".. savor the historical paradox that has led the Jews of Israel to defend all the patriotic, moral, and military values that they have fought most violently for a century in their adopted country. "

Translated from French "

Rebatet, Rivarol, June 8, 1967 and September 25, 1969.

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