Quotation from Moshe Dayan “We should transform the Bedouins into an urban proletariat” — 1963

Then Minister of Agriculture, imagining the fate of the Bedouins in Haaretz.

Author : Thematics :
" We should transform the Bedouins into an urban proletariat – in industry, services, construction, and agriculture. 88% of the Israeli population are not farmers, let the Bedouin be like them. Indeed, this will be a radical move which means that the Bedouin would not live on his land with his herds, but would become an urban person who comes home in the afternoon and puts his slippers on. His children will get used to a father who wears pants, without a dagger, and who does not pick out their nits in public. They will go to school, their hair combed and parted. This will be a revolution, but it can be achieved in two generations. "

Quoted by Donald McIntyre End of the road for the Bedouin , The Independent, Nov. 29, 2005.

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