Quotation from David Ben Gurion “It turns out that most of the Jews are thieves” — Jul. 24 1948

In an inconsequential statement two months after the proclamation of Israel, just before he became the leader of the thieves.

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" It turns out that most of the Jews are thieves… I say this deliberately and simply, because unfortunately it is true. People from the Jezreel Valley stole! The pioneers of the pioneers, parents of Palmach [pre-state commando force] children! And everyone took part in it, Baruch HaShem, the people of [Moshav] Nahalal!… This is a general blow. It’s appalling, because it shows a basic flaw. Theft and robbery – and where does this come to us from? Why have the people of the land – builders, creators, pioneers – come to deeds like this? What happened? "

Adam Raz, Looting of Arab Property in the War of Independence , Carmel Publishing House (Hebrew). Quoted by Gideon Levy, Even Ben-Gurion Thought ‘Most Jews Are Thieves’ , Haaretz, October 4, 2020.


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