Quotation from David Ben Gurion “If Palestine will not absorb them another territory will. Zionism is endangered” — Dec. 17 1938

Letter to the Zionist Executive expressing the fear that Palestine might not be the only solution to the rescue of European Jews.

" The Jewish problem now is not what it used to be. The fate of Jews in Germany is not an end but a beginning. Other anti-Semitic states will learn from Hitler. Millions of Jews face annihilation, the refugee problem has assumed world-wide proportions, and urgency. Britain is trying to separate the issue of the refugees from that of Palestine. It is assisted by anti-Zionist Jews. The dimensions of the refugee problem demand an immediate, territorial solution; if Palestine will not absorb them another territory will. Zionism is endangered. All other territorial solutions, certain to fail, will demand enormous sums of money. If Jews will have to choose between the refugees, saving Jews from concentration camps, and assisting a national museum in Palestine, mercy will have the upper hand and the whole energy of the people will be channelled into saving Jews from various countries. Zionism will be struck off the agenda not only in world public opinion, in Britain and the United States, but elsewhere in Jewish public opinion. If we allow a separation between the refugee problem and the Palestinian problem, we are risking the existence of Zionism. "

Quoted in Matzpen Zionism and Antisemitism
Also: Nathan Weinstock, Le sionisme contre Israël , cahiers libres Maspéro, 1969, p. 145 (with 4 references).

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