Quotation from World Zionist Organisation / Organisation sioniste mondiale “We owe it to ourselves to be cruel” — May 8 1922

Expressing, in accordance with the central thesis of Zionism, what the Zionist policy from 1933 to 1945 would be about the anti-Semitic massacres in Europe.

" We owe it to ourselves to be cruel. Let us once master the situation and we will be able to say: let the massacres happen, but we, we save the Yishuv before all else, we uphold its future because today it is in the Yishuv, and only there, that the destiny of our people is alive. "

Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem, Zionist leadership, May 8, 1922, quoted by Georges Bensoussan, Histoire du Sionisme  , Fayard, 2002, p.781.
English version in Jacqueline Rose, The Question of Zion  , Princeton Univ. Press, 2005, p. 114.

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