Quotation from Abraham Yitzhak Kook “The difference between the Jewish soul and that of all the nations is greater” — 1920

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Palestine (1919-1935), inspirer of today's religious Zionism, in his book Orot (Lights).

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" The difference between the Jewish soul, its self, its inner desires, its overflow, its character, its standing, and that of all the nations, at all their levels, is greater and deeper than the difference between the human soul and the soul of an animal. Between the latter, there is merely a quantitative distinction; between the former, an essential qualitative distinction pertains. "

Abraham Kook, Orot , Jerusalem, 2005, 156, no. 10.
Quoted by Shlomo Sand Comment j’ai cessé d’être juif Flammarion, 2013, p. 103.
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