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“But if ... democracy were to be applied ..., the majority that would rule would be the arab majority” — 1919

British Zionist leader, in an article for the Zionist Organization, in response to Woodrow Wilson's desire for democracy in war treaties.

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" Democracy in America too commonly means majority rule without regard to diversities of types or stages of civilization or differences of quality … This doubtless is natural in America and works on the whole very well. But if the American idea were applied as an American administration might apply in Palestine, what would happen? The numerical majority in Palestine is [Palestinian] Arab, not jewish. Qualitatively, it is now a simple fact that the Jews are now predominant in Palestine, and given proper conditions they will be predominant quantitatively also in a generation or two. But if the crude conception of democracy were to be applied now, or at some early stage in the future to Palestinian conditions, the majority that would rule would be the arab majority, and the task of establishing and developing a great jewish Palestine would be definitely more difficult. "

Quoted by Karl Sabbagh, Palestine, History of a lost nation , Grove Press, 2008, p.114.

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