Quotation from Collectif “We reaffirm that the object of Judaism is not political nor national, but spiritual” — Jul. 11 1897

Decision of the 8th Convention of American Rabbis, Montreal, July 6-11, 1997.

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" Resolved , That we totally disapprove of any attempt for the establishment of a Jewish state. Such attempts show a misun­derstanding of Israel's mission, which from the narrow political and rational field has been expanded to the promotion among the whole human race of the broad and universalistic religion first proclaimed by the Jewish prophets. Such attempts do not benefit, but infinitely harm our Jewish brethren where they are still per­secuted, by confirming the assertion of their enemies that the Jews are foreigners in the countries in which they are at home, and of which they are everywhere the most loyal and patriotic citizens.
, and addresses itself to the continuous growth of peace, justice and love in the human race, to a messianic time when all men will recognize that they form "one great brotherhood " for the establishment of God's kingdom on earth. "

Central Conference of American Rabbis. Yearbook VII, 1897. p. XII.


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