Quotation from Yitzhak Herzog “To save Western civilization (against) an empire of evil” — Dec. 5 2323

Interviewed by MSNBC, the President of Israel justifies the genocide in Gaza with the clichés of the war of civilizations.

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This war is a war that is not only between Israel and Hamas. It’s a war that is intended, really, truly, to save Western civilization, to save the values of Western civilization. We are attacked by Jihadist network, an empire of evil, emulating from Tehran with its forks in Lebanon with Hezbollah, with Hamas in Gaza, with the Houthis in Yemen. This empire is in Iraq, and this empire wants to conquer the entire Middle East, And if it weren’t for us, Europe would be next, and the United States follows.


Israeli president: War against Hamas intended 'to save the values of Western civilization'.

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