Quotation from George Mansour “The Histadrut never employed a single Arab if it could help it” — 1937

Founder of the Arab Workers Society in 1934, George Mansour testified before the Peel Commission in 1937 and published "The Arab Worker under the Palestine Mandate" to raise awareness among the British public.

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No matter how many Arab workers are unemployed, they have no right to take any job which a possible immigrant might occupy. No Arab has the right to work in Jewish undertakings. If Arabs can be displaced in other work too, say, in Haifa or Jaffa ports, that is good. If a port can be established in Tel Aviv and Jaffa ports are ruined, that is good. If some Jews still employ Arab labour in their orange orchards, either because Arab labour is cheaper and better for this purpose, then the fact can be used as evidence of the employment provided by Zionism for Arabs. But if Arab labour can be pushed out by ‘picketing’ and ‘pressure’, that is much better. The Histadrut never employed a single Arab if it could help it; when it was forced to do so, it paid them half the wages that it paid to its own men; and whenever it could oust Arab from any sphere of work, it did so.


George Mansour, The Arab Worker under the Palestine Mandate (1937),


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