Quotation from Edouard Drumont “The serious thinkers of Israel, in agreement with us on the essential points” — Jan. 16 1897

Drumont, the leader of anti-Jewish propaganda from 1885 to 1910 in France, warmly approved Theodor Herzl's book "The State of the Jews".

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For today we simply wanted to show once again how much the ideas which still excite the quips and shrugs of some backward jokers, preoccupy the serious thinkers of Israel who, in reality, are, as I have said, in agreement with us on the essential points. They do not see us as maniacs, as barbarians, as heartless, but as citizens who use the right of self-defense. The word is written in full in Dr. Herzl. Anti-Semitism is for every country an exclusively national question, an economic and social question, a question of self-defense. We have never said anything else.


Edouard Drumont, Une solution de la question juive (a solution of the jewish question), La libre parole, 16 janvier 1897.

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