Quotation from Benyamin Netanyahu “ it is under the Arab conquerors that the Jews lost their homeland” — Dec. 5 2022

Netanyahu gets rid of the fable of the expulsion of the Jews by the Romans, just to replace it by another fable, an arabophobic one, that of the elimination of the Jews from Palestine by Islam in the 7th-8th centuries CE.

Author : Thematics :

I've been attached to this place for about...three and a half millennia now. For the first two millennia, ...the Jewish people lived on this land, ...fought off conquerors, sometimes were conquered but stayed on their land. (…) The loss of our land actually occurred when the Arab conquest took place in the seventh century… They did something that no other conqueror … did before. They actually started taking over the land of the Jewish farmer. They brought in military colonies that took over the land and gradually, over the next two centuries the Jews became a minority in our land. So it is under the Arab conquerors (that) the Jews lost their homeland. The Arabs were the colonial(ist)s. The Jews w(ere) the natives dispossessed.


Talk with Jordan Peterson. 


Reported by Ofer Adaret Netanyahu Told Jordan Peterson Arabs Expelled Jews From the Land of Israel – Historians Say He Is Distorting Facts


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