Quotation from François-René de Chateaubriand “These legitimate masters of Judea ” — Apr. 20 1819

Chateaubriand, an ultraroyalist conservative writer and diplomat, gives alms to the Catholic myth of the exile to the Jews of Jerusalem, and hopes for a military adventure of the Holy Alliance.


When one sees the Jews scattered over the earth, according to the word of God, one is undoubtedly surprised; but to be struck with supernatural astonishment, one must find them in Jerusalem; one must see these legitimate masters of Judea enslaved and strangers in their own country; one must see them awaiting, under all the oppressions, a king who must deliver them


Chateaubriand, Panorama de Jérusalem, Le Conservateur, Vol. III, 30th issue, april 20, 1819, pp. 177-183 Lien ; quoted by Ilan Pappe, Ten Myths about Israel, Verso, 2017.

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