Quotation from Vicco Bülow-Schwante “Zionism comes closest to the goals of German Jewish policy” — Feb. 28 1934

Head of the Sonderreferat Deutchland of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in charge of "Jewish questions", he explains, in this circular to the diplomatic missions, the sympathy of the Nazi regime for the Zionist project.

Author : Thematics :

On the other hand, there is this part of the Jewry that rejects the possibility of assimilation of Jews into the host nation, and therefore promotes the emigration and the ingathering of Jews scattered all over the world in their own political community. This group, in the first instance Zionism, comes closest to the goals of German Jewish policy. The emigration of German Jews will be actively promoted from now on by the National Socialist government. In particular, certains amounts of money will be made available for transfer of Jews prepared to emigrate. For this purpose, official german authorities are cooperating fully sine ira et studio with Jewish organisations, especially in the promotion of emigration to Palestine.


Quoted by Francis Nicosia, The Third Reich and the Palestine Question, Tauris, 1985, p. 52.

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