Quotation from Yehiel Hazan “These Arabs are like worms” — Dec. 13 2004

Knesset Member of Parliament, Likud, expressing his stupid contempt for earthworms.

Author : Thematic :

These Arabs are like worms, all over the place – underground, over ground. In every possible way these worms have been attacking the Jewish people for 100 years, and we extend our hand in peace to them as if nothing happened… You, the Arabs sitting in this building, instead of concerning yourselves with the affairs of the Arabs in the Land of Israel and their rights, are preoccupied with the Palestinians, the same Muslim terrorists who have murdered Muslim soldiers. They are terrorists who dig in the sand. Not a people looking for peace.


MK Hazan : Arabs are ‘Worms’. Al-Itihad, Dec. 14, 2004. Quoted by the Arab Association for Human Rights, Racism : One Gunman, Many to Blame (2005), p.23.

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