Kovner, Abba (1918-1987)

Quotation from Abba Kovner “We will be marching in the stream of the invaders’ blood.” — Jul. 1848 -  This type of call to massacre came from Abba Kovner, who unsuccessfully attempted to organize a revolt in the Jewish ghetto of Vilnius (Lithuania) in 1942-43. In 1945, with the help of the Zionist "Jewish Brigade", he organized a group, "Nakam", which aimed, also unsuccessfully, to indiscriminately kill a large number of Germans under the motto "that's what they deserve". In 1948, he left for Palestine, where, as head of education for the Givati brigade, he poured out his anti-Arab hatred (citation) against the Egyptians who had belatedly come to the aid of the Palestinians expelled by the Nakba. Abba Kovner is celebrated by Israel as a poet and national hero.
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