Quotation from Abba Eban “Hereditary difference between the ...level of a person whose father lived in the jungle” — 1974

Abba Eban, Foreign Minister of Israel, before the Israeli press.

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" Now that the states of black Africa have broken with us in such a brutal manner [...], we are free from the duty of discretion that we have so faithfully respected until now [...]. That is why we can now say everything we think. A few weeks ago a study was published in Great Britain by Professor Baker, who, among other things, compared the history of Jews and Blacks in the United States, to show the differences in the development - under similar conditions - of different races from the point of view of intelligence and other characteristics. The question raised is whether the inferiority of Blacks is the result of the difficult conditions they have experienced for generations or whether it is the cause of it. In spite of objections from progressive circles, which label such studies as racist, it does seem that there is a hereditary difference between the intellectual level of a person whose father lived in the jungle and that of another whose ancestors were priests in the Temple.

Translated from French "

Quoted by Rosa Amélia Plumelle-Uribe La férocité blanche , Albin Michel, 2001.

Quoted by Tidiane N’Diaye, Les Falachas, nègres errants du peuple juif, Gallimard, 2004,

The book considered is Race , of John Randal Baker, Oxford Univ. Press, 1974.

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